Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome, Wicked Women

Sex Talk for Wicked Women is devoted to exploring and celebrating women's sexuality in all its myriad forms--from the wild and weird to the the warm and wonderful. We'll post news, opinion, humor, questionable advice, odd factoids and frank discussion for your entertainment and commentary. We hope you'll join us on this fascinating voyage of discovery.

And now, a brief introduction to your hosts:

Most people know Jaid Black , aka Queen of Steam, as a USA Today bestselling erotic romance author and founder of Ellora's Cave publishing and Lady Jaided magazine. But she's also been a volunteer activist in a number of political and humanitarian causes. You can expect her to rant and rage occasionally on injustices. Whether you agree with her or not, she will get you thinking.

No one is entirely sure how Giselle McKenzie, aka Empress on the Mount, got her lofty title, but this cranky Aussie sure lives up to it. Maybe it refers to her experience as a horse trainer. It certainly describes her imperious approach to dispensing her special brand of highly suspect wisdom and her philosophy that in matters of the heart and, uh, parts farther south, one should never spare the rod.

Your moderator Susan Edwards is VP of Media Relations for Ellora's Cave and editor of Lady Jaided. She has been a writer and editor for longer than most bloggers have probably been alive. Therefore, she is technically challenged and will probably screw up this thing quite often before she gets the hang of this blogging thing. She's dying to hear what you have to say and what you want to talk about, so jump right in and let her know.

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