Sunday, July 8, 2007

Addicted To Love

Salon magazine recently reported that some women may be addicted to semen. According to a survey administered by Dr. Gordon Gallup, women who habitually engage in unprotected sex become increasingly depressed the longer they go without nookie. Conversely, women who use condoms didn't experience the same depression.

The most giggle-inducing part of the article? Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory insisted that "Someday they'll have a patch for that."


Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

That's just plain nasty. N-A-S-T-Y!!

I argue that those women who REPEATEDLY engage in risky practices are not addicted to semen as much as being “stuck on stupid” as my big momma used to say.

There are too many diseases, many fatal, for a woman to be stuck on stupid and risk her life, over and over, this way. In fiction, if it happens, understand, it’s just that; FICTION.

In real life we need to have more respect for our bodies and our lives and say "No glove, no love, playa."

CIana Stone said...

You said it sister!! Stuck on stupid is an applicable label.And a semen patch?


I can just see myself going to the drugstore for that. "Uh could I have a box of those new semen patches? No, make that two. Oh hell, just give me a case. My addiction is LARGE."

Hey maybe women addicted to semen need their own support group -and we could come up with an herbal rememdy "Break the semen cycle with no harmful side effects with all natural Semen Buster." Just 39.95 and guaranteed to work in 30 days or your money back.

Or maybe we could just send them all t-shirts that say "Stuck on Stupid" I kinda like that :)

Jaid Black said...

No glove, no love? *snort*

Kimmie, I agree. I don't exactly like condoms but I like AIDS far less. EC gives out condoms constantly... it's cutesy/gimmicky but I also hope people use them.

Jaid Black said...

Ciana... ROTFLMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Ciana - How about a chocolate patch? My addiction there IS large!!!!

Lynn E - who gave up on effing Google!!!!

Ciana Stone said...

Anonymous-- a chocolate patch? Oh honey, that's just a sin. Besides, haven't you heard? A certain amount of chocolate each day is GOOD for you.

Okay, maybe NOT that giant Hershey bar that's sitting on my desk crooking it's finger at me, but SOME anyway.

anny cook said...

The original article was in Psychology Today

I believe that their focus was on women on the pill, etc., in a committed relationship...yada, yada, yada. Their point was that semen contains a chemical that affects depression in women. The Salon article sounds like they have their own slant on it. In the original article they were not advocating having unprotected sex.

Jaid Black said...

Thanks for sharing, Anny. That puts a different slant on things!

Susan Edwards said...

I remember when I first read about that study thinking hmmmm, semen helps depression? Sounds like a study proposed, conducted and funded by men. Since ladies seem to like doggie style so much, how about a study to test this hypothesis: Doggie style sex cures male depression. Or this: Men who excel at cunnilingus live longer. Or this: Men who do the dishes get more fellatio!

Jaid Black said...

*snort* I'll fund those studies, Susan!! *g*

Susan Edwards said...

Excellent, dahlink. I'll get started on the cunnilingus one right away. Must set up objective parameters for what constitutes excellence in that department. Any input on that, ladies?

LA Day said...

Can we make it men taht actually fold the laundry get more fellatio. Taking half dried laundry out of the dryer and throwing it in a basket does not count! Just my personal gripe.

Susan Edwards said...

Hey, it's our study; let's make it men who fold the laundry and put it away get more fellatio. I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. LA, do you have the means (a man and a never ending pile of laundry) to test that theory? dare ya.

Ciana Stone said...

okay, I conducted an independent test on my own - and yes, men who fold more laundry DO indeed get more ... of everything.

Now, on to men who clean bathrooms :) (Hey, at this rate I could retire from housework entirely).

Thanks Susan for suggesting a study - but you know there IS one drawback. Men might get more (and yeah that means we gals get more too), but let's face it, there comes a point when enough is enough.

Hmmm, maybe I'll do my own laundry for a while :)