Friday, July 27, 2007

Choosing our addictions

Well I've always known that people can develop an addiction to just about anything, but this one is falls at the top of my "you've got to be kidding" list.

A 26-year-old South Korean woman has been arrested for embezzling 1.14 million dollars from an agricultural co-op she worked for, so that she could feed her addiction. Designer Shoes. Yep, according to police she owned hundreds of pairs of designer shoes.

Color me a simple gal, but going to prison over a pair of shoes? No way.

If I have to be addicted, I think mine should be to something like the image to the right. Yeah baby. Easy on the eyes, non-fattening, low-sodium, low cholesterol, high protein, and inspires all kinds of fantasies that get my heart rate up.

And the best part? Well, unless I completely lose my mind, tie him up and hold him hostage, I won't have to go to jail :)


LA Day said...

And if he enjoys being tied up you still won't go to jail:)

Jaid Black said...

You have got to be kidding me! I've been a prisoners' rights activist for more years than I care to contemplate and that's a new one even to me.

Gwen K said...

she's insane. I couldnt like a pair of shoes enough to do time over them!

Susan Edwards said...

Hmmmm, shoes or sex, that's a tough one. They both have their good points. It's easier to change your shoes when they prove uncomfortable, but they don't keep you warm on a cold winter night.
I wouldn't go to jail for either one, though.

aromagik said...

Shoes?!?! Incredible.

If I'm going to jail for shoes, it'd be because the fashion police finally got fed up with my disinterest. ;)

~Lindy, who really doesn't need more than her 3-4 favorite pairs of Doc Martens

Sandra said...

That first picture, those shoes look like torture devices. They just uncomfortable to me.

Now the second picture, I wouldn't mind playing with him. And if I make sure to gag before tying him up, the police will never know.

Trista Ann Michaels said...

The shoes I could do without. But the guy. Oh MY GOD!!!

I'll take that with a huge side of whipped cream...:) Yum...LOL