Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Skinny On The Foreskin

San Francisco Chronicle writer Edward Guthmann said that after his June 21st piece Circumcision losing favor with U.S. parents was published, the newspaper received a huge reader response. "Men bemoaned their parents' choice. Women advocated for foreskin restoration. Doctors and parents disputed the urologist quoted, who denied that circumcision is 'brutal.'"

According to author Kristen O'Hara, circumsized men don't give as much sexual pleasure to women as the uncut do. She equates having sex with a cut penis to being banged by a broomstick. The cushiony foreskin, on the other hand, maximizes women's orgasmic success.

Could sexual fulfillment all come down to a little piece of skin? Tell us what you think!


Anonymous said...

The only thing worse that having been circumcised, is having been circumcised twice. Double Ouch.

It's time to stop allowing our boys to be mutilated. They deserve the right to choose themselves.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've never had sex with a man with a foreskin, so I don't know the difference. Can anybody out there give us an educated opinion on this? If not, this could be another research opportunity.
I saw a documentary last night on a circumcision ritual in a rural Middle Eastern town. The two boys in it were five and seven. The whole town throws this huge celebration, and these poor little boys are all dressed up like fucking matatdors, and they sort of know what's coming. But when it comes, they're terrified and it's just horrible. They get no anesthetic, just a big pita to bite on while this guy pokes their poor little peckers. Not that much different, I guess, from our own rituals here in US. Boys get it earlier, so they don't know what's coming at them, but when my brother had it, they still weren't giving babies any kind of anesthetic.
It may not be as bad as a clitorectomy, which people sometimes call "female circumcision," but I think we're starting to realize how barbaric even male circumcision is.

anny cook said...

The woman in comment one needs to have her head examined...along with the doctor who went along with her.

I think like everything else, circumcision ought to wait until adulthood when the fellow or girl can make an informed decision.

MARCIA said...


Jaid Black said...

anon, agreed!

Susan, I've been with both and I can't say I enjoyed the uncut more than the cut. I have noticed, however, that the uncut ejaculate easier... a bonus if you're not in the mood, a minus if you are lol

Jaid Black said...

P.S. I agree with all of your input about male circumcision, from anon to Marcia.

I don't believe that cut men provide women less pleasure, but I do think the men who are cut have been robbed of their full potential to experience it. In my opinion, uncut men have very sensitive heads, whereas cut men don't.

Raine Delight said...

Hi there,

I have had both but find that I prefer the uncut man. My honey is this and he is extremly sesitive down there, which is a turn on wfor me to know he is feeling everything I am doing heightened 100%. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is creepy about the mom who had her kid circumcised twice! As for increased sensitivity in uncut penises, it makes you wonder how and why we have kept this process as long as we have. Doctors used to tell us that circumcision was primarily a health/sanitation issue but that it actually increased sexual sensitivity.

Jaid Black said...

Raine, so true. Uncut men make you feel like a goddess b/c it's so easy to please them lol ;-)

Susan, I'm not sure why we've kept circumcision as a standard, but I agree it needs to go. I had daughters, not sons, and I'm glad because I don't know what choices I would have made 17 and 10 years ago (their respective ages).

Anonymous said...


How many circumcision complications are never made public, because they don't result in a lawsuit, like this one?

Digg This: Illinois Boy Loses Glans During Optional Circumcision Surgey.

This surgical mishap happened in February, but we didn't hear about it until today. Most, we'll never hear about.

MARCIA said...


Anonymous said...

First ethical concern: it should be illegal to circumcise a child without local anesthesia.

More controversial: circumcising a minor without a compelling medical reason should be a no-no.

When feeling their oats and exploring their sexual selves, there should always be a condom between him and her. And condoms make foreskins irrelevant.

Masturbation with a foreskin is easy as pie. The foreskin facilitates foreplay and helps get the precum to the right places on him. When foreskins from cadavers were first put under the electron microscope circa 1990, wonderfully rich ennervation was found. Hence it is very likely that intact men experience a richer gamut of sensations, especially in the tip and frenulum.

A foreskin makes possible something I like a lot, at least now and then: intercourse between the upper thighs.

Does a foreskin make penetrative sex more enjoyable. Kristen O'Hara thinks so, but I am not confident of her research methods.

Just as penis size isn't very important, the same may be true of whether it sports a long or short sleeve. When it comes to reliable pleasure, a man's hands, lips, and tongue are often more important. Given a choice between an uncut man who refused to eat my pussy, and a cut man who did it superbly, the latter wins hands down!

That said, 20 years ago, a Texas sex worker told a leading woman intactivist that she had a lot of Latino customers and so was well acquainted with both kinds of men. The hooker said that the whole experience of vaginal intercourse differed substantially by penis type. She did not say that one was better than the other, just different.

There are women who post, or send me PMs, saying that the 1-2 uncut dicks they have known were a turning point in their sexual histories. Not quite sure what to make of that. More likely, the exotic is hot, and for a lot of square American gals around my age, the foreskin is damn exotic. Too bad that all web sites catering to foreskin fetishists are by and for gay men. What a waste, LOL! Try finding a YouPorn video showing a man slowly rolling and unrolling his foreskin.

Sucking off an uncut dick could be gross as hell, but here I do not speak from experience. You see, my dears, I always shower with him first before getting down to business, and so make sure that he washes himself with his glans bared.

Anonymous said...

Good information in your comment, Anon. If there are truly lots of nerve endings in the foreskin, that makes circumcision, especially without anesthesia even more cruel.

turningpointverz said...

1. The foreskin is highly erogenous tissue. It contains 20,000 – 40,000 touch-sensitive nerves that produce exquisite feelings of pleasure.

Pictures and video below show and explain about the nerves of the foreskin.


Circumcision removes most, or all, of these highly erogenous touch-sensitive nerves. Cut off. Stripped away. Gone forever.

And although a circumcised man can still derive pleasure, sex with a circumcised penis can be deficient in many ways. Certainly, circumcised sex is not the sensual experience nature intended.

2. On an intact penis, the foreskin supplies sufficient shaft skin for a comfortable erection. Scientific studies have shown that when the penis becomes erect, the length of the penis shaft can double. Where does the skin come from to cover that longer shaft? From the foreskin. The foreskin--after it moves to the shaft upon erection--has been scientifically shown to provide a doubling of shaft skin.

In contrast, circumcision may cause a man to have only half the shaft skin nature intended. On a baby, the skin removed during circumcision may seem small, but on a fully grown man, it can amount to a loss of one-third to one-half of the man’s penis shaft skin system. This loss is equivalent in size to a 3” by 5” index card--about 15 square inches. Insufficient shaft skin can cause abnormal bowing of the penis when erect. An overly tight shaft skin can often compress the penis’s inner tissue, which can create a discomforting erection for the circumcised man. And insufficient shaft skin, due to circumcision, is the cause.


3. The foreskin acts as a natural gliding mechanism to reduce friction, chafing, and dryness during intercourse. Because of the foreskin’s unique gliding mechanism, sex is less abrasive to the vaginal walls of the female. Many women have commented that sex is much more comfortable when the man has a natural, intact penis. Because of the gliding mechanism, sex is also more comfortable for the man, resulting in no chafing, soreness, or burning after intercourse or masturbation.


4. The foreskin works to retain lubrication during intercourse by bunching up at the vagina’s entrance. It acts as a dam to block lubrication from escaping. This bunching-up action of the foreskin also provides a delicate pressuring that excites the woman’s G spot, helping her to achieve vaginal orgasm.


5. Nature designed the penis head to be an internal organ. On the intact man, the purpose of the foreskin is to keep the glans and surrounding tissues protected, moist, and sensitive, for the most complete enjoyment of sex. The foreskin’s moisture keeps the penis head spongy and resilient, which gives both partners a more sensuous experience. The foreskin protects the penis head from drying out and from the abrasive effects of clothing, in much the same way that a woman’s vulval lips protect the female’s sexual parts.

6. An intended purpose in nature’s design of the foreskin is to make intercourse more comfortable and pleasurable for the woman. Anecdotal reports, and preliminary scientific evidence, indicate that women find intercourse with an intact man more satisfying and rewarding due to the extraordinary gentleness, sensuality, and mutuality of the experience.


In contrast, these women report that when men are circumcised, they thrust rougher and tougher, and they are often overly forceful in their thrusting movements--sometimes to the point of banging and pounding.


Certainly, circumcised sex, for the woman, as well as the man, is not the sensual experience nature intended.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments and insights, Turningpoint, and all the good links.