Friday, July 6, 2007

Snoop Doggie Dog

The first Wicked Women poll closes within an hour. It looks like the doggie styles have it, followed closely by old school style missionaries!

It's time to reflect on what it is about those 2 positions that we like the most. Better penetration? We get to be lazy cuz dude has to do most of the work? Can't see belly flab like you can while spooning? All of the above?
Do tell ;-)


MARCIA said...


Jaid Black said...

Hey, Marcia, don't feel bad... that's why I picked doggie too *g*

Susan Edwards said...

I've got a theory for everything, and two for this one.
Evolution: Could it be that the ol' reptilian brain that governs our more instinctual behaviors still likes the good old-fashioned way we used to do it before we started walking upright? Most animals do it this way, and we used to too. Perhaps our anatomy evolved to give us more pleasurable stimulation with rear penetration. Which brings me to my second theory:
G-spot: This could also be evolutionary. Research tells us that most women don't get sufficient clitoral stimulation to orgasm from penetration alone. But what we generally think of as the clitoris is actually just the tip of a much larger organ that may be connected to the G-spot. Guess what gets hit over and over again during doggie style sex?

Jaid Black said...

No shit? That's an interesting take on it!