Monday, July 9, 2007

Alpha Males

We Like 'Em Nice and
We LOVE 'Em Naughty

Well what Wicked Woman doesn't right? And this oh-so-fine fellow, Cristian Letelier falls into the "Nicely Naughty" Category.

Since one of the hats I wear is interviewing Hunks, I'm always scouting for prime candidates. I first saw Cristian in a film (Return to Savage Beach) and thought "yumm". So naturally I tracked him down.

And what a handful he turned out to be (Rating 9.5 on my "Naughty-o-Meter"). For example, when I interviewed him last month, I asked:

"There's a few personal questions I'd like to ask. Is that okay"

"How personal?" he asks.

"Very, can you take it?"

He gave me a wickedly sexy grin. "Bring it on, baby."

" My kind of man. Okay, first - what's your favorite erotic food?"

A shocked expression appeared on his handsome face. "Food? You really want to know about food?"

"Why yes, I want to know what you like to eat."

Well... let's just say that Cristian's response falls right into our resident Quiminologist's territory :) And let me add that we writers of erotic romance have NOTHING on this man when it comes to describing what he likes and how he likes it. (I have to say I'm still having warm flash-backs on that!)

Cristian's turn ons: large nipples, shaved beavers (sorry Sahara I couldn't resist), and some "junk in the trunk". Oh, and his theme song? "Let's Get it On." Hmmmm, maybe one day I'll mention that private lap dance he gave me while humming his theme song. You can see more of Cristian at

Okay, that's it for now. I'm off to scout new and delicious men for your enjoyment. Until next time :)



Susan Edwards said...

Welcome, Ciana, and thanks for bringing us this yummy new feature. I'm looking forward to more Alpha Male encounters.

LA Day said...

Thanks Ciana!
Alpha males are my favorite.

Jaid Black said...