Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who Defines Sexiness?

TMZ recently broadcast these 2 images of country singer Faith Hill. On the right we have the real, unedited photo of Ms. Hill. On the left we have her photoshopped image which appears on this month's cover of Redbook magazine.

Is it just me or does the untouched, fresh-faced, voluptuous, 40-year-old Faith look far superior to the gangling, anorexic, teenaged yahoo the body snatchers replaced her with? And If I'm correct and the Real Deal is a lot sexier than the singer's Stepford version, then our culture has sunk to an all-time new low. But what do you think? Shout time!


Ciana Stone said...

OMG, I agree with you, Jaid! This is just wrong. I sent the link to my sis Syn and she says that the bodies aren't even the same woman - that obviously there was a body double used. The size and proportions of the arms, shoulders, chest to waist length and a host of other things don't even match. Not to mention what they did to the woman's face!

Which makes me wonder. Why would a lovely woman want to see a mutant version of herself on a mag cover? She looks like a Barbie that belongs to a little girl with a make-up fetish. Ugh!

The real shame of it is that women feel that they can't present a true image of themselves to the world. What's next? Stand-ins when a public appearance is made?

Jeeze, we need to start an "it's okay to be me" movement for women!!

imarybug said...

This is HORRIBLE! Faith Hill is one of the sexiest "real" women that you see in the media. She's a mother, and faithful wife... and stunningly gorgeous. Why mess with perfection. We see her videos and on live awards shows - why would we need to see a "fake" version of her on a magazine cover. I for one LIKE to see real people, not 15 year old models who weigh 80 lbs and think they're fat. Yikes. And on Redbook too... you'd expect is of some tabloid magazines, but not them.

Sandra said...

In the magazine version she looks like a skinner version of Pamela Anderson. Her roots are darker. She just looks so fake.

In the real version, she looks awesome. Why would they change her? Wasn't she like a spokesperson or something for CoverGirl? Why mess with some good genes?

I mean for having three kids, Faith looks awesome.

I'm glad that I never paid any attention to all these magazines. Gives little girls such a bad outlook on weight and what guys look for in a woman.

MARCIA said...


Jaid Black said...

Ciana, that sounds like a worthy movement. Do you really think they used a body double?? That's even more morally deplorable than the photoshop butcher job!!

Jaid Black said...

imarybug, I couldn't agree more on all accounts. Even Cosmo wouldn't surprise me, but Redbook?? I do believe our culture has hit a new low. The real Faith Hill is naturally beautiful... what that magazine did to her is hideous and insulting.

Jaid Black said...

Sandra, I think she looks good whether she had 3 kids or not!! Dayum... I'd love to have her build. (The real one lol)

Marcia, you're right, it doesn't look like her. But then if Ciana is correct it probably isn't.

Katydid said...

Just another sad example of what the "fashion industry" thinks is beauty. They have gone so far in de-feminizing women that models are starving themselves to death. No wonder so many women have a bad body image! Even the rich and famous can't match that version of underfed adolescence.

Susan Edwards said...

And people wonder why girls are anorexic and self-hating. They're trying to attain some ideal that doesn't exist in real life. I doubt Faith knew what they were going to do with her image after they took her photo. She was probably shocked to see it.

Jaid Black said...

Amen, katydid. If fashion simply showed women how they really are it would go a long way toward curing a lot of women's and girls' self-esteem issues.

Susan, I doubt she knew they would butcher her like that either. There is a big dif between "shoot me from my best angle" and "body double me." I can't see signing up for that one.

Anonymous said...

On the cover of Star Magazine, there is a picture of Valerie Bertinelli in a swimsuit - probably not her best - but probably also taken when she was just trying to relax and have a good time. Anyway, the title of the article is "Valerie Bertinelli DIET DISASTER". She is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig as is Kirstie Alley - both absolutely beautiful women, by the way, at whatever weight. The article is basically saying that JC and Ms. Bertinelli are lying about her weight loss.

For one thing - as unflattering the picture may be (taken at an odd angle and obviously unexpected), she looks darned good. She's always been cute as hell and still is - and was before she went on a diet.

It's a damn shame when they label it as a "diet disaster". I would love to look that good in a swimsuit. She's a good role model and has had a very successful career.

Yet they put this on a magazine cover as a disaster. SUCKS!!!

Lynn E

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting in all of this is why do these stars allow these magazines to do this? Obviously they have some input into the picture that goes on the cover of these major publications.

It's my opinion that all of these women...Faith Hill included...not to take this out on her...but THEY are the ones that are not speaking up and saying, "PUT the real ME on there, NOT the photoshopped version of myself!"

I believe if these people who are in the limelight would be true to themselves and not allow this to happen that it would most likely help millions of young women and older women who are out there believing that if they don't like like a model, they are worthless.

Be true to your own self. As Dr Seuss said..."Be who you are, say what you want for those that care don't matter and those that matter don't care."

Jaid Black said...

anon, that was VERY well said. I hadn't thought of things the way you put it, but what an excellent point. And I *love* the Dr. S quote! I try to live by that one :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jaid...I didn't have a chance to make a user name...but the anonymous blog was written by me...milehighcubana in Tampa! lol I have ALWAYS lived by those wonderful words of Dr. Seuss!

Trista Ann Michaels said...

They know about it. Some even request it. And even more get angry if it isn't airbrushed to their satisfaction. I would like to think she would be upset that's it not the real her, but I doubt it.

Did anyone see the spread Jamie Lee Curtis did a while back? It showed how she really looked and then how they docter the photos. She's the only actress i know of that's behind the movement to stop that sort of thing.