Monday, August 20, 2007

Alpha Male

Okay, you ladies have made it clear what you want. More tasty beefcake! Yummy manflesh! Hubba hubba hunks! Say hello this week's Alpha Male, Kimo Show. He’s a boxer, dancer, single parent, and model and an Ellora’s Cave Caveman and is also featured in this month's Lady Jaided with more pictures and an interview. Here's a sneak peek:
“I go to the gym every day. I beat myself up during the day and then try to look pretty for the ladies at night. My boxing helps my dancing. The two go hand in hand. The boxing exercises help me stay in shape for dancing. The better shape you’re in, the more money you make. When I bust a move, I get a good sweat going. The guys at the gym mess with me sometimes about my dancing. They say, ‘hey, you got rhythm; you ought to be able to use that when you box.’ I also do some kickboxing, and that steps my game up with dancing. No matter how much you practice, there’s always something new to learn. Sometimes I go to work with a black eye after sparring.”

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