Monday, August 6, 2007

Living Goddesses

If you thought goddesses have gone the way of Atlantis, think again. Today there are nine living goddesses in Kathmandu. Each one is selected at a very young age and must possess 32 perfections and then pass a series of tests. She will have a body like a banyan tree, cheeks like a lion’s, thighs like a deer’s and a neck like a conch shell. Her pores will be small and her golden tender skin never scratched. Her black hair and eyes are perfect, as are the shape of her teeth, and she has a moist tongue. Her body smells pure and sweet and she has never lost a tooth or shed the tiniest drop of blood. Her voice is clear and soft as a duck’s and she is calm.

If you were queen of the world and got to pick what attributes a goddess would have to have, what would they be?


Ciana Stone said...

What a thought provoking question! Let's see ...

1. Humility
2. Compassion
3. Sense of humor
4. Common sense
5. Wisdom

Susan Edwards said...

Good ones. Those sound like good attributes for any leader. Funny how rarely those virtues show up in leaders and in gods and goddesses.

K. Z. Snow said...

If any culture requires 32 imperfections for goddess status, I've got it made!

Sally Painter said...

1. Adept at cleaning toliets.

2. Good at wiping children's runny noses.

3. Able to leap large mounds of toys in a den.

4. Skilled at driving carloads of kids to events.

5. Able to hold down a job, raise children, prepare meals, run a householdm and maintain a happy romantic marriage.

6. The final attribute would be the ability to continue to grow personally in the thores of the above chaos and demands.

Susan Edwards said...

Amen, KZ! Me too. Most of the goddesses I've read about have a cranky side. If that's a criterion, I'm in!
Sally, I'd be especially cranky if I were a domestic, maternal goddess like yours. To me, she's more of a saint!

aromagik said...

Flat feet. Heh.

~Lindy, goddess