Friday, September 28, 2007

Empress on the Mount

Dear Ms. Mount:
My bf told me he wants to experiment with a menage a trois. I don’t have any moral objections but I’ve always felt that anything that involves three people is bad because someone ends up feeling left out.
How can I make sure that someone isn’t me?
Alpha Girl

Easy, tell your bf that you’ll do it if you get to choose the third. Just make sure your choice is hot for you and not your bf. If he’s the one feeling left out, he just might decide that paying attention to you is more important than experimenting.


Rena Marks said...

Cracks me up. I always shut down offers of threesomes with the answer - "Sure. I'd love to. With two guys and me." I'd watch the look of horror across his face before he'd gag out, "Nuh uh. I'd never do two guys and a girl." I'd grin and tell him, "well, if you change your mind..."
Until one day when a guy actually told me, "Sure. I'd consider that."
So I need a new shock response now.

Susan Edwards said...


The Empress said...

Hey Rena, maybe you could say, 'Gosh, only two guys? Threesomes are soooo boring.'

Might get a bit hairy if a whole footy team showed up though ...

Susan Edwards said...

I knew her highness would have a good new line for you. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have a large need for an answer