Sunday, September 16, 2007

Plastic Passion

Our techs got distracted this week as they continued to research all things quim. We stumbled into the world of pretend pussies and found ourselves fascinated.

Yes, guys, if you can't find the real thing, you can enjoy a substitute!! How about the "Fleshlight"? A handy tube - with discreet screw-off cap (!) which contains your choice of vaginal lips, mouth, anus or none-of-the-above. We assume the latter is just in case Airport Security takes a closer look at it. This one is more of a coin slot than a penis slot. They're all made of "silky flesh-like material", we're reassured, and come in your choice of colors and styles. A completely customizable pussy for less than sixty bucks. Quite a bargain.

If you want more "personality" in your plastic pussy, then go for the PornStar models. Of course, your room's gonna look like a gruesome scene from an episode of CSI, since these resemble severed body parts more than anything else. But some are equipped with not only vaginal and anal openings for your masturbatory pleasure, but also a dappling of pussy hair. All are supposedly modeled from living porn stars. We're not sure exactly how they do that, and none of us at the Quiminology labs even wanted to think about it. Oh, some of them vibrate, some are internally ribbed, others are dimpled with tight entry sections to enhance penetration pleasure. Aren't we all.

Of course, we women have our own selection of mock-penii for personal stimulation, so this isn't a gender bash. Equality rules, even in the world of self-satisfaction. But it struck us all as kinda weird, seeing bits of anatomically correct female bodies offered for sale. Female vibrators seem to focus on the technology of the female orgasm and how best to achieve it. These toys for men...well, not to put too fine a point on it, they appear to be lying around waiting to get fucked.

Is there a difference? Yeah. We think so. It's subtle, but it's there. What do you think?


Susan Edwards said...

I've seen those disembodied fake pussies. At first, they creeped me out; now they crack me up. I picture the guys who make all those alien head masks for sci fi movies and television shows moonlighting on pussie prosthetics. Hey, maybe I've just hit on a million-dollar idea. Bored with your own hand? Bored with human women? Buy a fake alien pussy!
Seriously, though, or maybe not. as a woman who hates shaving even her legs and who would never let anyone near her bush with hot wax, I could maybe see slapping on a bare-lipped fake one just to give my bf a change of pace once in a while.

Koko Brown said...

Oh my! I guess this isn't too bizarre and at least it's inexpensive. Much cheaper than the customized doll with a fake "quim". But of course like a vibrator not as fun as the real thing in my opinion...

Rena Marks said...

Aww, hell, I prefer a vibrator. It doesn't talk back.

Dragongirl said...

Good gracious! Maybe I should pay more attention the next time I buy a vibrator....there is SOOOO much more out there.