Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We crave sex daily and want to be wilder in bed...

At least according to a new article in Men's Health. In conjunction with Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men's Heath polled 6000 women and men for all tell all: what they like and don't like, what they've already tried and what they'd like to try.

As I started to dive into this article, I noticed a little drop-down menu that said "Browse Sex Articles", so I did. And selected "Women Decoded". Sounded interesting. Is there a way to actually decode us? Is it as complicated as the DaVinci cypher?

Well, actually there are a lot of articles for men, like how to "make her yours". This little ditty promises to help a man find out how "her" brain is wired so he can constantly be on her mind and be irresistable. It was written by a man. Yeah, sure, he's got the secret code to the female brain!

I decided to move on to such topics as Breaking Up, Dating and Marriage, Pick-Up tricks and a host of others and suddenly it hit me... why are there so many of these articles for me? I mean do men actually read them? And if they do, do they try these tricks and tips? And if they do, how successful are they?

Too many questions for this little brain. But what do you think? Are men really out there trying to decode us, figure out how to woo and win us or are these articles little more than filler?

Any thoughts?


Minime said...

I know my hubby tries to figue me out and then it surprised when I do the exact opposite of what I usually do. I like to keep him guessing and he loves the fact that there are still things about me that remain a mystery.

Susan Edwards said...

Good question, Syn. I think women spend a lot more time trying to figure out men than vice versa, though it should be the other way around if what men tell me is true. They always tell me that men are very simple. Feed em and fuck em and let em watch sports and they're basically happy. Women, on the other hand, are much more complex in the way they communicate and what makes them happy. Men seem constantly befuddled by what women really mean when they say something like, "no, I'm not mad, just disappointed." I think there's a large grain of truth in this, though, as with many generalizations, it gets at only part of the truth. I don't believe men are nearly so straightforward as they believe or would have us believe. I do think women often tend to communicate less directly and rely more on subtext and inflection and to anticipate the needs of others and expect others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 40 y.o. married man and I get tired of all these stupid sterotypes about women being more complex and all that rubbish. Women who are indecisive and unaccountable and manipulative get the 'benefit of the doubt' by being called 'complex.' It's like labeling somebody 'crazy' or 'insane' as 'eccentric' to make is sound better. Look at Minime's post about being 'figured out' versus a 'mystery.' That's just making lemonade from lemons--and in this case the lemons are gameplaying and dysfunction. I'm just sick of all this Men from Mars Women from Venus BS. People are individuals first and something else second (gender, ethnicity, whatever).