Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Okay, I know this is a pretty feeble picture, but we can't show a picture of the actual subject of this post.
Since we're talking about surgical alterations today, here's a new one, and it's about women's pleasure, not attractiveness. Author Ashlyn Chase just sent this article in Self magazine about a new surgery to plump up your g-spot. Supposedly, it makes your g-spot easier to find and stimulate and more sensitive for about four months. One woman who had it said she gets aroused during spinning class, yoga and even driving down bumpy roads. Okay, so lemme get this straight: Men get a little blue pill they can take whenever they want to get it up. Women get a surgical injection that costs almost $2,000, lasts four months. Ladies, we definitely need more women in med school.

Would you have this procedure?

Before you decide, it's a good idea to read the rest of the article, in which the author of the article, Jennifer Wolff, reports that the doctor who invented and is pushing this surgery through his Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute has had malpractice complaints lodged against him for disfiguring women who went to him for labia reduction and vagina tightening. She then goes on to explore the increase in surgeries to reduce labia with often tragic results. Kudos to Ms. Wolff and to Self for exploring the whole issue thoroughly.


Ashlyn Chase said...

well I guess you talked me out of it. Fortunately they have toys for that.


Anonymous said...

Dang! I admit I would probably exercise more if I got a g-jolt every time! Isn't that sort of what ben-wa balls are supposed to do? Anyone with experience on this want to chime in?

Ciana Stone said...

Ding.......Ben wa da bomb :)

Rena Marks said...

Ben-Wa balls. Still gives me a giggle. First time I stuck those puppies up there, they plopped right out. I thought they were broke. I had to practice lying on the bed and inserting. And then lying there. And lying there. Now I can stand, but I don't dare walk.

Or sneeze.

Sierra said...

There might me a lot of things that I would like to try when it comes to sex, but getting my bits worked for only fouth months worth of effect just isn't one of them.

And I agree, there does need to be more studies done for women, by women because it is pretty damn obvious that the good old boy network in the medical community sure isn't putting forth any effort.

Anonymous said...

While the g-shot can and should be administered by an EXPERIENCED, LICENSED OB/GYN, the female orgasm, IS NOT elusive with a caring, considerate partner. Really, all a partner would have to do is go on webmd for about a minute to find out where everything is located when it comes( sorry, no pun intended) to the vagina.
Have our partners become so lazy that we need to drop 2 grand on a shot to help our gspots stand out more? If our partner is that lazy and selfish we shouldn't be with them anyway.
Also there are instructional videos on how to locate and stimulate the gspt. Nina Hartley's instructional dvd series is tastefully done and very informative if you want to teach an old dog new tricks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Anon. Maybe someone could make a fortune selling diy kits with Flourescent orange paint, a small paintbrush and a black light for those who still can't find it after watching the video!
But seriously, I do think there is more at work here than simple laziness on the part of the man. There's ignorance as well, not just of women's anatomy, but of the very fact that we do need more time and stimulation than men. Some of that might be our own fault. Anyone here ever faked an orgasm? I once worked at a newspaper where we received a book and video about the Venus Butterfly Technique for satisfying a woman sexually. It was basically a good instructional video on a woman's sexual anatomy and response, filmed with a handsome couple. All the men who watched it said they already knew all that stuff and did it on a regular basis. I had to wonder if (and strongly doubt that) their partners would agree.
And women do need to do more than simply lie there waiting for him to hit the jackpot and fake an orgasm to preserve his ego when he fails. We need to understand our own sexuality, stimulate ourselves and communicate honestly with our partners.

Anonymous said...

If sex is an important part of your lifestyle, then why not try everything. A younger friend of mine turned me onto the g-shot. She was so pleased with the outcome I got tired of hearing about it and submitted. Although I’ve never lacked for orgasms, I was turning 35 and wanted to regain my sexual center. Since I was already having my breasts enhanced to look sexier why not be more sexual too. My doctor agreed this might help me toward my goal. Many doctors now offer the 1st injection at a discount… probably figuring you’ll be back for more. Mine was very supportive of my desire though and offered it at cost. I was skeptical but the risks and price were so low and the outcome too tempting so I said what the heck. I must say, it helped and then some! It gave me more orgasms just as I had hoped, but I wasn’t prepared for how intense and addicting they would become. Intercourse is much better and my craving for sex is insatiable. My partner can locate my g-spot now without me even having to guide him... or her. In fact, I was embarrassed to admit that I often can’t abstain for long and masturbate quite a bit more now. However, my doctor assured me that I wasn't alone and said increased masturbation is normal and to be expected after this procedure. It’s opened up a whole new dimension to sex I hadn’t planned on. Yes, it is a bit like having a constant Viagra hard-on with the accompanying urge but the benefits are well worth this minor annoyance. Trust me, if a guy could find a way to inflate his erection several times its normal size and make it super sensitive, there’d be a line a mile long out the door.
My only concern might be that the g-shot is becoming popular with younger women and not so much for regaining their orgasms as enhancing what already works all too well. In fact, more and more women under the age of 21 are receiving this with each passing year.

I think anyone who loves sex and is in search of more and stronger orgasms should at least try it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, very interesting, Anon. How long ago does the injection last? Have you had more than one?

viagra said...

The chances of contracting erectile dysfunction goes up substantially with age, increasing significantly above the age of sixty-five-which is rapidly approaching for the baby boomers. Although erectile dysfunction becomes more likely with advancing age, there is certainly no age cutoff for a sexually fulfilling life. Some men enjoy sexual activity even in their eighties and nineties.

Tanay said...

When you are on top of her you want to put some of your weight onto her. Most men try to have sex without putting any weight on the woman which is not a good thing. A woman likes to feel a man on top of her and to feel the pressure of hid pelvic pressed against her is a great way to hit that G Spot quicker.