Friday, October 19, 2007

One Born Every Minute

If a guy comes up to you at a bar or the mall or casino and tells you he's a doctor or lawyer or big-time real estate investor, he should not need to bum money from you, especially not several hundred dollars. A guy who can get through med school or law school usually knows how to put his wallet in his pants before leaving the house, and if he loses it, the last thing on his mind will be going to the mall with you and buying expensive clothes, watches and jewelry.

Jordan Gann was caught this week in Tampa, Florida, after years of scamming women in several states out of thousands of dollars. His twin bro, Simon, whom police suspect of making money the same way, is still at large. His latest victim met him in Orlando and took him home with her to Tampa, where she and her friend bought him $1,000 worth of CDs, clothes, meals and even a cell phone after he told them he had forgotten his credit cards. He had told them he was a doctor who had become rich selling his cancer research to a drug company.

Yeah, this guy's a jerk, and I hope he has to pay full restitution to his victims. I also hope his victims wise up after this. If a guy bums money from you as soon as you meet him, run the other way--no matter how cute he is or how good his reason seems to be.

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