Monday, December 31, 2007

Abandon Yourself to the New Year!

I've been pretty spotty through the holidays about keeping the Wicked Women banner aloft. With all the starchy food and wholesome music, Christmahannukwaanzakah is not the sexiest of holidays to me, though the Winter Solstice has its wild, firelit pagan passion.

I was pondering the appropriate end-of-the-year and beginning-of-the-year Wicked Women post when I came upon the photo opp captured above.

The end of the year is easy. We started with a bang in June with the idea of examining sexuality from a feminine perspective. Since then we've published 135 posts on everything from Truck Nutz to Sex Addiction and fabulous John Lustig cartoons. We don't tout our sponsors much, but at the end of the year, it's appropriate to acknowledge and thank them. Sex Talk for Wicked Women is a publication of Jasmine-Jade Enterprises, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Lady Jaided magazine, and most especially Jaid Black, a.k.a. Queen of Steam, author of dozens of books, founding mother of JJ and EC and creator of Romantica erotic romance. Through her work, Jaid has entertained and liberated thousands, and brought together an amazing assortment of lusty, passionate, funloving, talented, hardworking people--both male and female.

More end of the year special thanks to the core Wicked Women: Jaid Black, Syneca Featherstone, Sahara Kelly, and Marshmallow.

I'd love to hear more of what you think about women's sexual issues and news. Feel free to email me at with any news, questions or ideas you have. I'll give you credit and link to the url of your chosing if I use what you send me. Or you can contribute anonymously.

Have you read this far trying to figure out why I put a picture of my cat Moxie on this post? It has to do with my beginning of the year message. I was trying to think of something inspirational to write about women's sexuality, since that is the focus of this blog. I walked out the back door to water the plants and ruminate on it, and there was Moxie, sprawled out, airing and sunning her pudendum without a trace of self-consciousness. (She was actually looking straight at the camera until the second I snapped the picture, of course.)

I thought the sensual abandon of her pose was a good visual metaphor for what we will dedicate ourselves to in the coming year: An uncensored, unselfconscious, sybaritic celebration of the delights and mysteries of sex and love!

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