Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Citrus of Youth

Remember Dr. Alan Hirsch, the researcher who said scent combos such as lavender with pumpkin pie and doughnuts with licorice increase male libido (which is great if you want to attract Homer Simpson)? Turns out he also discovered the scent of grapefruit makes men judge women's age as six years younger than they would without the smell. Or so dozens of newspapers and websites reported. Later, some caveats popped up. Apparently, it was a complex combination of scents, which surprise! is available in a spray called Timeless View available only on the good doctor's website. I dunno if they just don't bother to check before posting such info or if he has changed his website, but nowhere on Hirsch's Science of Smell website is any info on the grapefruit study or Timeless View. There is, however, a disclaimer that says none of the products associated with his research are associated with the Smell and Taste Research Foundation.
Still, some of his research is interesting, even if it's clearly in the service of creating his own products to sell. Another of his studies found that a floral and spice scent combo reduced men's perceptions of women's weight by 4 to 12 pounds! He's also created a substance you can sprinkle on your food before eating that helped test subject lose an average of 5.6 pounds per month.

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