Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I was struggling through a long-term relationship with a man when I came upon The Story of O. The infamous book both thrilled and terrified me. Suddenly, a secret door opened up and I glimpsed a realm where all my deepest darkest most forbidden desires could all come true. And yet for years after that I stood poised on the threshold, hesitating to take that first step to make my fantasies flesh. My “normal” relationship with my boyfriend was frustrating but safe, like Newton’s law of gravity. I was afraid of falling and losing myself in the seductive black-leather universe glinting with metal shackles like stars burning at the very heart of my sexuality. I had heard of too many extreme and distasteful things that went on there, and this made me worry my submissive nature was like a cancer I had to fight so it wouldn’t spread out of control and prevent me from living a normal healthy life. I didn’t realize how wrong I was until I met the right man who took me by the hand and finally led me into the intensely exciting world of BDSM.

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