Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fear Not the F-Word

A recent study by Rutgers University's Julie Rudman has knocked some femiphobes on their pasty, oxycodone-loving asses. Rudman's study concluded that, contrary to the ranting of some misogynists, feminists are more likely to be in a romantic relationship with a man and to make better partners overall than their less egaliatarian-minded peers. And those relationships are more likely to be stable and sexually satisfying for both partners. Rudman started her research because she feared that progress toward achieving gender equality could be undermined by notions among college students (male and female) that feminist women are unattractive to men, so she did have a preferred outcome. Even though we like her findings, we have to admit they might have been affected by her bias. But come on, sisters, can we at least agree among ourselves that working for equal rights, equal pay and equal treatment does not make us hairy-chested, man-hating feminazis?

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