Monday, February 18, 2008

30-Day Sex Challenge

Believe it or not, a church is telling its members they need to have more sex. Lots more sex, but only if they're married. The Relevant Church in Tampa, Florida, has issued a 30-day sex challenge to its congregation and other interested couples. The church invites married couples to pledge to have sex every day for 30 days and nonmarried couples to pledge to abstain from sex for 30 days while learning to enhance their intimacy and communication. "We believe this challenge will not only improve sex lives, but it will strengthen relationships," says the church's website. Sounds like they might have a point. You can download the entire challenge on the church's blog.

The challenge emphasizes communication, emotional intimacy and mutual satisfaction. It includes an explanation of 10 emotional needs everyone in a committed relationship needs to make it successful and a journal for every day of the challenge with questions to answer and share with your partner. Needs cover a range from the need for affection and sexual fulfillment to domestic support and even retaining your attractiveness through fitness and hygiene.

For married couples, the questions ask things like, "What about your sexual relationship do you find the hardest to discuss?" and "Everyone has expectations for the 'after sex moment.' What would you like from your spouse after sex?" For singles, questions include, "What scares you the most about marriage? What was the best or worst thing about your parents' marriage?" The questions get more and more personal a revelatory as the challenge progresses. After reading through the whole thing, I'd have to say that any couple who takes up the challenge in a serious and caring way will have a much closer and more fulfilling relationship. This is the sort of guidance churches should be doing more.

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