Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sexual Healing

Turns out one of the oldest excuses for not having sex might be a reason to do just that. Web MD reports on new research indicating that sex can relieve migraine headache pain. Apparently lowered levels of serotonin accompany migraine headaches and guess what increases your serotonin level? That's right, sexual arousal and orgasm. Maybe that's why young adults who have migraines report having 20% higher sexual desire than similar adults who have non-migraine headaches. Low serotonin is also associated with PMS, depression, sleep disorders and fibromyalgia, so, ladies, start your vibrators!

Of course, it seems for every piece of research you read with good news, there's a corresponding one with bad news. Other studies have indicated that sex actually triggers migraines for 5%-10% of people who have them.

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