Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's Hot, What's Not

Go ahead, have another slice of pizza! In a poll on BuzzDash 68% of men said they like women with at least some curves while only 17% like their women skinny. The rest like an atheletic build. In another BuzzDash poll, 36% of men find blonde the least attractive hair color, followed by 29% saying red, then black hair at 25% and finally brown at only 10%. As for the ladies, they prefer bald men to fat ones, and one survey found 52% of women own at least one vibrator and an additional 18% want one but don't have one yet. Only 30% don't have or want one. When it comes to what men and women notice least about each other, women notice men's legs the least by far while men notice women's arms the least by a huge margin. Men find feisty women far hotter than delicate, pristine, edgy or mysterious ones while women find rugged and relaxed men hotter than polished or daring ones. So let's summarize. At least by BuzzDash males' standards, the most attractive woman has brown hair, plenty of curves and a feisty personality. I'll be back after I dye my hair and order a pizza--with extra cheese. And I'm going to raise hell if the delivery boy doesn't get it here fast!

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