Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Earth Day Save a Tree: Read E

We don't do many shameless commercial plugs on this blog, even though it is sponsored by erotic romance publisher Ellora's Cave. But we're really proud of our company on Earth Day because we publish the most green books in existence: ebooks.

First, ebooks don’t use paper. Not only do paper mills consume huge numbers of trees and contribute to deforestation, they also use toxic chemicals that pollute land, water and air, and consume huge amounts of electricity and water as well as producing mountains of stinky solid waste.

In addition, some inks are still petroleum based, and gasoline is consumed by trucks delivering books to stores and by customers driving to the stores to buy them.

Ellora’s Cave is a leader in the ebook publishing industry and generates all of our hundreds of titles in pretty much all formats needed to read them on your computer, ereader, pda and phone. Among the formats and operating systems we support: Windows, Unix, Linus, Mac, Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle, Franklin eBookman, Casio, Pocket PC, Gemstar, Palm OS, Blackberry, Symbian Os (Nokia Smartphone and Nokia Communicator), MS Smartphone, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket, PDA with MobiReader installed, Rocketbook, Adobe Acrobat, and html. To learn more about which format is right for you, visit us here. To find out how to download an ebook, go to this page.

We also have our own print shop, so when you do choose to buy our print books, you can be assured that Ellora’s Cave uses vegetable-based inks, recycles all waste paper and damaged returned books, and is working to reduce our paper usage in every way we can. We also recycle all plastic and glass, and try to avoid doing business with bookstores who practice the wasteful strategy called “churning,” that is overpurchasing books and using returns to avoid paying bills. You can help by buying your EC print books directly from our website, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and independent bookstores.

Ellora's Cave editors and some of our other employees work at home around the world. Each of our telecommuters saves hundreds of gallons of gas per year and contributes far less to air and groundwater pollution than people who drive their cars to work, or even those who ride public transportation.

We wish you a happy Earth Day and hope you will join us in finding ways to protect and enjoy this glorious rock we call Earth.
DamNATION, by Nathalie Gray, won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award in the paranormal/sci fi/erotic romance category. You can learn more about it and buy the ebook (or print) version here.


NathalieGray said...

As I said to Barb from Publisher's Weekly "Save a tree, read an e-book!"

And since United Aiwaves lost my suitcase, I can't hold my award and rock gently while murmuring "my preciousssss". Damn.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You lost your award? Major bummer. Congrats anyway, Nathalie. You deserve it. DamNATION is one DAMN good read. Pathos, humor, sex, even social commentary, you've got it all in there.