Monday, April 14, 2008

LJ Swimsuit Edition, Part Two

Monday sucks, so treat yourself to a laugh and an ogle. Meet Butch, Model #2 in Lady Jaided magazine's totally fictional tribute to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. For more models and interviews, go to Lady Jaided's April Man Candy Illustrated.

Swimsuit Model #2: Butch

The one thing I’m absolutely obsessed with is
Survival in the event of a global disaster. I have a shelter fully stocked for any emergency.

On a rainy day, I usually
Make bullets for my AK-47. You can never have too many bullets.

The sexiest thing a woman has ever done for me is
Wear a camouflage negligee.

The sexiest thing I’ve ever done for a woman is
Peel it off her.

In a past life, I was
John Wayne.

My personal hero is
General George S. Patton.

The biggest lie I ever told was
I once told a hippie chick I was collecting signatures to save the dolphins and that my hair was only cut this way because I lost a bet.


Flick said...

I don't know where to look! Advice please. Is it rude to stare too long at er a guy's er ears?

Anonymous said...

Darlin', you can stare as long as you want at any part of a picture. I don't think I've ever met a woman who's into ears, though.

Anonymous said...

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