Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Look of Lust

Sure, women like tight buns, six-pack abs and an ample package on a man. But if his eyes lack that special spark, chances are we’ll ultimately pass a muscleman by for a regular guy with a look in his eyes that says something is going on behind them.

He might have a paunch or skinny legs, but he can make us go weak in the knees if he looks at us just the right way. A look can say he likes what he sees, or he knows what we’re thinking. A look can share a private joke or turn a kiss into a melding of two souls. Show us a firm butt that can do all that.
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Flick said...

It's no good. This guy is driving me nuts. I keep having to look at him. What's wrong with me? I thought when the topic moved on, I'd be okay but no, there he is in all his tempting loveliness. I shall make him star in my next book, its about a limbless vampire who just lies there waiting for me - oops I mean waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

It's the eyes. I agree that he has vampire eyes.

Flick said...

He is really hot, especially compared to the lazy lump lying upstairs in bed shouting for coffee and toast. Still, he's my lazy lump and keeps me in books and - oh, that's about it.

Flick said...

I've just thought. Tell me he's only 5'7 and I can stop looking at him. Pleaseeeeee