Thursday, June 19, 2008

Striking a Blow for Abstinence

We're all for sex education, but the folks at Shakopee Middle School in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area are showing a remarkable lack of common sense and sensitivity in the way they go about it, at least if you believe what Katherine Kersten reported in her Star Tribune column. Kersten said sixth-grade girls and boys were shown explicit films together, featuring naked males and females, bras, tampons, a live birth and "infra-red demonstration of an erection." She writes about a couple of kids who understandably were upset by the film, one boy who pulled his shirt over his head in embarrassment and a girl who went home in tears.

I would have been mortified at that age to see a film like that in a classroom with boys too. It's that kind of insensitivity that give the abstinence-only folks righteous ammunition. If we can't trust people who are supposed to be experts in child development and education to show better judgment than that, maybe we shouldn't let them educate our children about such an important topic as sex.


Anny Cook said...

If I had a child in that class... they wouldn't be there anymore. That would be a reason for me to begin home-schooling.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Like you said, a lack of common sense and sensitivity = senseless emotional upsets. Both for the kids and the parents.