Saturday, July 19, 2008

See Jane Review

Hey, guess what?, an adult review site says Sex Talk is quality and original. Reviewer Vamp made us one of her staff picks and called us fun, informative, sex-positive and empowering. You can bet we'll spend some time checking out her other picks, one of which, we were pleased to discover, is Coffee Time Romance, which we adore too!
Not to suck up or anything, but we have to return the compliment. In addition to reviewing blogs and websites, Jane's Guide reviews books, movies, and sex toys and features art and artists. And it has consumer tips to help you avoid getting burned when you explore sex-related sites, as well as a sex dictionary. You can bet we'll be returning again and again to Jane's Guide to find new sites and blogs for women who refuse to behave!


Diana said...

If you haven't checked out Jane's Guide, let me encourage EC's readers to take a look. I think there are a few of us authors whose sites have been reviewed by them. I know I use them for all sorts of...inspiration!


Hypnotic Dreams said...

I'm wondering how long it took for Jane to review your site. I submitted my site to them over a year ago, and it still hasn't been reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Diana, I totally agree. I've bookmarked their site now. I know I'll look to them for inspiration and to see what other people are doing and thinking about when it comes to sex.

Hypnotic Dreams, I don't remember when I submitted my site to them. When I got the email, I didn't even remember submitting to them. If I were you, I'd submit again, though. Stuff gets lost or drops to the bottom of the list, so it never hurts to give a reminder.