Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Loving Outside the Box

A different view of partnership
By Fae Sutherland
When Lady Jaided approached me about writing this article, it was more than a little serendipitous that the request came on the third anniversary of the day my partner and I met. Chelsea and I have been best friends for three years now, living together for going on two, and our relationship is one of those that make most people cock their heads and adopt a befuddled look as they try to figure it out. We kind of enjoy baffling people, actually.

You see, Chelsea is what I refer to as my “hetero lifemate.” We are both women, she is straight while I am bi, and we are absolutely a hundred percent committed to each other and our partnership. We have what equates to a platonic marriage, if you need a label on it. But then, that’s kind of a confusing label, isn’t it?

Read the rest of this story in Lady Jaided ezine's August issue.

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Anny Cook said...

This is a lovely article. Very interesting!