Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Lures Us All

What do men and women across all cultures find attractive?

A 1951 survey by sexual research pioneers Clelland Ford and Frank Beach found only two characteristics that men and women universally consider sexually attractive. Everything else was inconsistent, including what parts of the body are considered erotic, and the most attractive size and shape for a body. In some cultures, breasts are not objects of sexual interest while in others where they are, there might be a preference for small ones or long, pendulous ones over large round ones. Though the survey was done more than half a century ago, it seems to hold true today.

So what are the two characteristics? You could probably guess if you tried, even though it might not thrill you. They are youth and health.

Source: Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America Fourth Edition
Bryan Strong, Christine DeVault, Barabara W. Sayad, William I. Yarber
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Flick said...

Youth and health? Well I wouldn't have guessed but they are fairly obvious. Though I'm not sure I'd consider them sexual attractions. I'd find it hard to put it in words what attracts me. I know it when it see it! And I don't see it very often. ooh - except in my beloved husband. Oops. I think I saved myself there. OH, OT, GSOH, NS,BC - like to guess?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, good challenge. Let me try:

Open Heart

Olympic Tongue

Good Sense of Humor

Nice Shirts, No Scabies? New

Big,uh, Cerebrum

Anny Cook said...

Nice save, Susan...

Never would have guessed health and youth. Hmmm.