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I went to the post office to check the mail one hot and sunny day and what do you know, there was a box waiting for me from a wonderful company by the name of Excitement filled the stuffy air of my car as I caressed the box I had lovingly set on the passenger seat for the short drive home.

I made it home with a few groceries and my newly coveted box only to be bombarded by questions from my kids. I tend to be very open when it comes to questions, including ones of a sexual nature, age appropriate, of course, but I had no clue how to explain the box and why they couldn’t experience the excitement of opening it first hand right along with me. I told them it was research material for the adult-only article I would be writing for an online magazine. The younger two sighed and mumbled about adult-only stuff while the older two smirked. They know their mother all too well.

It wasn’t until later the same night that I was finally able to open the box. Toys, toys everywhere and what a glorious sight indeed! I was just as excited as the day I received my very first toy in the mail. My mind whirled. I had an inkling of an idea of where I wanted to start. One of the products I had been dying to try more than the others and another of them just seemed like it could be lots of fun. After giving the two in question a run for their money, fairly repeatedly, over the next several days, I decided to go ahead and review them both.

The fun one is a massaging glove that has so many possible uses you can’t help but want one. My first experience with this glove was at an erotic conference. I was walking up and down the aisles looking at vendor booths filled with naughty stuff when a half-naked woman wearing one came up to me and asked if she could show me how it worked. Being the adventurous type as well as noting she was beyond cute, I smiled and said of course. She ran it along my arms and the back of my neck and I knew I was hooked. My aching back was already in love. It wasn’t until the woman stimulated my nipples that I began to see the light. The minute she told me it was waterproof, I was sold! I have a love for bath toys and my waterproof, battery-operated boyfriends, lovingly known as Scuba BOBs, always welcome new company.

The other toy I will be reviewing in this article is a dual stimulation toy (vaginal and anal). A certain amount of taboo is still attached to the act of anal sex and maybe even more so with anal masturbation. I say throw all of the negative societal bullshit you might have learned over the years out the window and have a good time.

Anal play can be quite intense and intimidating, and like all sexual play, requires some health caveats. For that reason, it’s important to note a few things I have found to be important on the topic of backdoor loving.

1. There is no such thing as too much lube in anal play. The anus does not self-lubricate the way the vagina does so a good lubricant is essential for comfort, especially early on. You might hear about people having and even enjoying the hell out of anal sex with no lube whatsoever, but more than likely there are a couple of things going on in that type of scenario. The woman is probably so wet that she has self-lubricated to some extent with vaginal juices. The person in question is not new to anal play and knows exactly what his/her body is capable of or they like a bit of pain with their pleasure. Unless you fall somewhere in that spectrum, you should definitely become very friendly with a nice bottle of lube.

2. Keep an open mind. If you don’t enjoy it the first time or have had a bad first experience, don’t fret and don’t give up. We’re often too self conscious or tense at first, so definitely try to relax. As with just about anything sexual, I say try it a few times before making up your mind. Experiences are different with different people and in different settings. It could all depend on something as small as the time of the month, the way the wind is blowing or how the planets are aligned.

3. Go slowly, start small and do what feels good. It’s all about the connection and sensations so have fun with it.

I love to hear from the readers. If you’ve got a specific VibeReview toy or a topic of interest you’d like to explore, please drop me a line at and let me know.

See you next month.

Maggie Casper is the author of 10 erotic romance books published by Ellora’s Cave. The most recent is TEMPTING TEARS.

Hand Magic: Magnificent Vibrating Glove

This is one of the most fun multipurpose toys I have ever used. The Magnificent Vibrating Glove is a wonderful product to use alone or with a partner(s). Its myriad uses are limited only by the imagination of the user.

Being a bath player myself, I found the fact that the Magnificent Vibrating Glove is waterproof to be a big bonus. There is nothing quite like running its vibrating fingertips along wet, soap-slicked flesh.

It is a decent fit even for those with hands on the small side like myself. It weighs next to nothing so there are no worries of any type of discomfort even with long-term play. I also like the fact that it doesn’t require a specialty battery. Being powered by three AAA batteries makes it a nice quiet toy. The Magnificent Vibrating Glove has two speed options, high and low, both of which give off more vibration than I expected. Even on high, it is still not enough to get me off alone but it is an absolutely wonderful toy for foreplay and/or during sex.

Tip: Try getting into the reverse cowgirl position and running your gloved and vibrating fingertips along your partner’s balls as you pump up and down on his shaft. Yumm!

One of the things I like best about the Magnificent Vibrating Glove is that it is inconspicuous. If curious little ones happen to find it, there shouldn’t be too much in the way of embarrassment. Nothing at all like the time I left my Petite G-Spot Avenger sitting on the side of the tub. Oye!

I see the Magnificent Vibrating Glove as a perfect beginner’s toy. There is nothing intimidating about it and the vibrations, while more than adequate, won’t rattle your teeth. And best of all, if you decided for some crazy reason that you don’t care for using it as a sex aid, it’s still useful as a very good hand massager.

As you can probably tell, I like this toy. It looks nice in my toy box and feels even better on my hand. If you like fun toys and are looking for something new, I would highly suggest getting a Magnificent Vibrating Glove!

Size: One size fits most
Power: 3 AAA batteries
Manufacturer: Fukuoku / Finger Fitting Products
Price (subject to change): $64.95

Double Your Pleasure: Dual Penetrator

I have found it extremely difficult to find a good toy that will not only stimulate both the vaginal and anal areas but penetrate them as well. With both insertable ends of the Dual Penetrator being five full inches long, that is no longer a challenge. The base is big enough to get a grip on but not so large it becomes hard to hold. For me this is a big plus. That means I have a free hand left for stimulating myself in other ways.

The Dual Penetrator runs on two AA batteries, so it’s a quiet toy. Best of all is the easy twist, multi-speed power base. No fumbling with different buttons for different speeds. One twist is all you need to get you from zero to Oh My God! bliss.

While it did not hit the G-spot for me, the penis shaft is a decent fit. I found it to be firm enough to do the job yet soft enough to not cause any discomfort. The only difference I wouldn’t mind seeing in the dimensions of the Dual Penetrator is more girth. It is a bit on the narrow side in my opinion. Of course, that is a personal preference and yours might differ.

The vibrator in this toy is placed perfectly so that each shaft receives an equal share of vibration. While I tend to need more for clit stimulation, I prefer something a bit less intense for internal fun so I found the power level of the Dual Penetrator to be just about perfect.

The beaded anal shaft of this toy is a bit more pliable than I personally prefer but not by much. I would rather have a little too much flexibility when it comes to anal stimulation than not enough. Besides, once you get the hang of it, the bump, bump, bump of the smooth beads will make you forget all about any trouble you might have had to begin with.

My first go with the Dual Penetrator was a bit comical. I lubed up the anal shaft with O’My Original and then attempted to insert it while lying down. While I am sure it is not impossible, it was taking more time than I wanted it to in my impatience to get off. So I got up on my knees, stood the Dual Penetrator on its base with the tip of the penis shaft inserted vaginally then while holding it with one hand and guiding the anal beads shaft with the other I sank down and voila! I was filled and on my way to orgasm heaven.

The Dual Penetrator might seem a bit intimidating to someone not used to having both orifices pleasured at once but try to keep an open mind. Those of you who are new to dual sensations or who might just now be thinking of giving dual penetration a try, I say go for it with the Dual Penetrator. I believe the size of this product makes it a perfect toy for those new to either anal or dual penetration as well as the perfect addition to the toy box for those of us who crave a bit of it all. Whether used with a partner or alone, the Dual Penetrator is a wonderful addition to my toy box. Adding in clit stimulation with something like the Miracle Massager makes for one wild ride!

10” total length
5” insertable
2.25” to 3” circumference
2 AA batteries
This item is made of Rubber
Manufacturer: California Exotics
Price (subject to change): $29.95

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