Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Experience Preferred

Sex is better after 40
Sex is over once you reach 40. The wild and crazy lovemaking years are long gone, relegated to memories of great sex in your 20s and 30s, never to be recaptured.


Hell no! Sex after 40 can be magical, exciting, free from the typical worries of our 20s and 30s and chock full of adventure and spice. Just because our physical bodies age doesn’t mean our minds and libidos follow suit. How many of us who are over 40 still feel like we’re 25, at least in our minds?

As a woman over 40, I thought that once I reached this stage in my life, sex would occur once in a while and without any oomph. I was wrong. After a divorce and a remarriage, I’m having more sex—better sex—than I did in my 20s and 30s. Is this just me and my own personal experience, I wondered? Are other women over 40 having great sex, too?

To find out the answer, I sent out a nonscientific survey via my romance-writing contacts over the internet, requesting answers from both women and men over 40 about their sex lives. I received responses from 30 women and 10 men. There’s probably at least some bias as my informal survey was sent only to readers and authors of erotic romance. I’m certain there are others who would have different reasons for the increase in their sexual satisfaction but who have never read an erotic romance.

Upon analyzing the survey results, I was surprised to find many commonalities in the respondents’ answers. I wanted to know, of those content with their current sexual situations, what was it that made them so happy. What is different about sex now than when they were younger.
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Breezy said...

I'm 24 and sex is fantastic and for the record, I'm so content I don't want to even hit 30! Ha

Good to know there's still life after 40, though!

Anonymous said...

I think young women are a bit more confident and educated about knowing and getting what they want from sex than we were at your age. But not to worry, Breezy. I know it's hard to imagine, but life really does get better after 30 and even 40!