Monday, December 29, 2008

Sperm Stoppers

It's about time that research into male contraceptives gave us some fresh options, dontcha think? Not that we women don't love taking cancer-inducing hormones for 20+ years, or having torture devices shoved into or clamped around our cervix. And condoms? Okay, they prevent disease, which is great, but for a disease-free monogamous couple, they are so medieval. Among some of the more promising methods under investigation:

1. Underpants that suppress sperm production by heating the scrotum

2. Plugs inserted into the vas deferens that block the flow of sperm or render sperm incapable of fertilization via electric current

3. Male hormones that block the production of sperm

4. Blood pressure medication that makes sperm membrane too rigid to fertilize egg

5. An enzyme, administered in pill or patch form that renders sperm incapable of detecting and fertilizing an egg

6. A Chinese plant that lowers sperm density and motility

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Keith said...

Poor diet (malnutrition) can also contribute to male infertility, including deficiency in vitamin C and zinc in your diet.