Friday, December 12, 2008

The Wall Street Journal reported that experts say a growing number of marriages are dissolving because of virtual infidelity. Ric Hoogestraat is a good example. According to the article, he spends from 4 to 14 hours a day on Second Life, a popular virtual reality fantasy world in which his avatar is married to another avatar of a woman in another city. They spend several hours together every night, and even have sex and own property and dogs together online. He claims what he’s doing is no different from his real-life wife, Sue, watching television. So far, Sue has elected not to leave him, despite urging from her family to do so.

For more odd sexual arcana, see Who Knew? in Lady Jaided Ezine.


dt said...

considering that women are more obsessive about going online than men -- 46 percent of women polled by Harris Interactive would rather go without sex than without Internet access, versus 30 percent of men -- my guess is that more women are having virtual sex than men are.

and speaking of virtual sex, have you seen it's about sex after age 40 by and for women (but I like to lurk there myself -- I'm a guy).


Susan Edwards said...

Hmm, interesting thought, and you might be right about more women than men having internet sex. My guess, though, is that women are using a smaller proportion of their internet time on sex than men are. I'm guessing women do a lot more shopping and social emailing and a lot less cruising for porn online than men. But having internet sex is different from just viewing porn, so that may beg the question. Internet sex more like the role-playing we did as kids--playing house or cowboys and indians.

And thanks for turning us on to It's a pretty fun blog, written with wit and panache. I liked her candor about the g-spot. And I love Bad Santa. It's the only Christmas movie I can stand.