Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What’s behind the male/male erotic romance craze
By Evangeline Anderson

Men loving other men—Oscar Wilde referred to it as “The love that dare not speak its name.” The phrase was originally taken from a poem by his young male lover, Lord Alfred Douglas and used against Wilde in court where he was being prosecuted for “gross indecency” because of his sexual orientation and beliefs. Wilde refuted the charges eloquently and was allowed to go free—at first. Later he was sentenced to two years of hard labor for daring to practice and advocate homosexuality.

A lot has changed since the controversial playwright and author was sent to prison for practicing man love in the late 1800s. Indeed, these days we not only speak about it, we watch it, read it, write it, and (for those of us who like the genre) drool about it to our friends. So what is it about watching, or for the purposes of this article, reading about two hot men get it on that makes us all so hot and bothered? How did it all get started? Why do readers read it? And why are writers who used to write only heterosexual romance suddenly leaving out the heroine in favor of two hot, hunky heroes?

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Flick said...

Good article. I'm not surprised that men who read the MM stories want the same sort of balance in the content as women. I would imagine the vast majority are gay and why shouldn't they want the whole love story? I wonder if FF stories attract hetero male readers in the same way that MM attracts hetero female. It's a cliched truth that men get turned on by the idea of two women having sex. Yet those same men seem inclined to claim disgust at the idea of two men getting it on.(In my experience anyway) I have no interest in reading FF stories - erotic or not - it does nothing for me, just as hard core sci fi isn't something I'd read but MM - yum yum. MMF even yummier.