Monday, February 23, 2009

Faye's Secret

Author Faye Adamos, reveals an erotic secret men should know in her interview with Lady Jaided to promote her new release ROCK HARD

What do you wish men understood better about women’s sexuality?
That it takes time to fully arouse us and that our ability to be turned on is intimately connected to how we’re feeling about our partner at that moment. That’s pretty subtle, though, and there is one other very simple, straightforward thing men who want more and better sex should know. We have an erogenous zone that few men seem to fully appreciate and almost every woman I’ve spoken to agrees is hugely effective. It’s the back of our neck. Kissing, nibbling, even breathing on the back of a woman’s neck overrides nearly all of her faculties for critical judgment and seems to disconnect her ability to stay mad or say no. And if you bite her there at just the right moment with just the right pressure, instant orgasm. (I’m guessing it’s a vestige of the days when humans copulated with the male mounting from behind, like most other species. (I think that’s probably true of the G-spot too, since it’s really only stimulated by the penis in that position.) Lots of male animals seem to understand the neck thing instinctively. If you watch them “courting,” you’ll often see the male grasp the female by her scruff. Her immediate response is to arch her back, move her tail and give him full access. My minor in college was ethology. I’ve seen pretty much every animal on the planet do it, and understanding animal behavior has been at least as useful as my degrees in psychology.

Tell us about your recent Ellora’s Cave release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.
Most of ROCK HARD takes place in a world where everyone literally worships pussy, each of which they consider to be an altar of the Great Goddess Nila. The heroine of the book, Lana, thinks this place is a just figment of her overactive (horny) imagination. She’s a dreamer whose real life is boring but who has this vivid and exciting fantasy life. She’s dowdy and timid on the outside but in her imagination, she’s a strong, lusty warrior and adventurer who likes her men tough and her sex rough.

When Lana suddenly finds herself transported to the dangerous world of her imagination, it scares the hell out of her. She’s immediately abducted and carried off to Machland, a patriarchal nation most women fled generations ago because of its repression of females. Lana is to be a prize in The Games, a series of gladiator-like events in which sex-starved men, most of whom have never even seen a female, will fight to the death to win the right to mate with her. That’s when she realizes the only way to survive is to become the warrior she so often imagined herself to be.

Oddly enough, it is her abductor, not her friends, who helps Lana become the woman she needs to be. Tor, a high priest of the Church of Nila, who has trained for many years in sacred art of altar worship—and in the ways of selecting, abducting and preparing women for The Games. Of course he and Lana fall in love and have to overcome all sorts of obstacles to be together, not the least of which are their vast cultural differences, and the fact that he abducted her. This book answers once and for all the perennial question, can a timid earth girl find true love and happiness with a macho alpha male from a different world who considers her vulva holy and has spent his whole life learning ways to pleasure it?

I hope readers enjoy the humor, the adventure, the romance, the sensuality and the exuberant, imaginative sex in ROCK HARD. I hope they enjoy visiting a world where female pleasure is holy, and seeing Lana come into her power. Oh yeah, and I really hope they enjoy the three very handsome, very different alpha males who all play important roles in Lana’s life.

What is your favorite word and why?
Verve. It’s a fresh word that you don’t hear very often, and its meaning is close to my heart. It means vivaciousness of spirit, especially in creative pursuits. I strive for verve in everything I do. A close second is “underpants.” I don’t know why, but that word cracks me up every time I hear or read it.

Least favorite?
Bemused. It’s one of those words that doesn’t mean what most people think it does. Even writers often misuse it, and it drives me crazy when I see it in a book or article written by someone who obviously meant amused.

Besides your significant other, who would you make love with if you could pick anyone in the world, any time throughout history and why?
Bruce Springsteen or Albert Einstein. I’m a sucker for brains, and I’ve always had a thing for Einstein. He had very soulful eyes. I fell in love with Bruce when we were both much younger. Anyone who can dance like that has got to be a good lover.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be?
The ability to transport myself anywhere instantly. I love to travel but I hate long plane rides.

Batman or Iron Man?
Iron Man because I am totally in love with Robert Downy Jr. and Iron Man is smarter than Batman. Plus, that Batman head mask is dorky, though I do love his car.
Tuxedo or jeans?
Tuxedo. Every man looks good in one and it makes a man act like more of a gentleman.
Pickup truck or sports car?
Pickup truck. I’ve got stuff to haul!
Chocolate or flowers?
Flowers. Chocolate is fattening and flowers smell good and last longer.
Jewelry or lingerie?
Dick or cock?
Dick. It’s less macho and it gives you a nice double entendre.

What else should we know about you?
I love reading books that are so engaging and enjoyable I’m sad when they end and I miss the characters. I believe character is at the heart of all good stories and I work to create multi-dimensional ones who are believable and lovable despite, or sometimes because of their flaws and how they deal with them. I root out and destroy clich├ęs to make my work fresh and engaging, and I try to tell a story in a way that you cannot stop reading because you have to know what happens next.

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