Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Manhattan's Blue Member

Is it real or is it enhanced? Billy Crudup, who plays Dr. Manhattan in "The Watchmen" told Jon Stewart that his sizeable hammer in the film was mostly a digital creation. If so, it was lovingly crafted and quite realistic. Anyone out there seen the film and have an opinion? If so, was anyone else bugged by the fact that Silk Spectre II's outfit made her look more like a stripper than a super hero, complete with fake garters? We know these things were made to appeal to adolescent boys, but putting her in that get-up and making her fight criminals and run through flames with those ridiculously (and dangerously) long locks? We kept expecting her hair to get caught in something or go up in flames.


Kate Willoughby said...

OMG. I thought the same thing about Silk's outfit and hair. I actually think that everytime I see a warrior of either sex on film with long locks a-flying. That hair's gotta get in the eyes once in a while and that can be a bad thing when you're fighting for your life. But then, movie hairdressers would be out of jobs. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, long locks are lovely, but definitely not an asset in a fight or when you're jumping out of planes or running through fire. I was just glad they didn't further hobble her by putting her in high-heel boots.