Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exhibit for the Plaintiff

The book that made Supreme Court Justices blush

Okay, we don’t know if the Justices actually blushed when excerpts from Crook & Flail by Maria Isabel Pita were read to the Supreme Court in 2006 in an ACLU case that argued the Child Online Protection Act was an unconstitutional violation of free speech. Part of the excerpt was read to the court by writer/publisher/editor Marilyn Jaye Lewis, who founded the Erotic Authors Association. The excerpt was selected to show that online adult content could have intelligence, emotional resonance and literary merit. “I was honored to have been selected by the ACLU from among all the available literary online content to help make their case,” says Ms. Pita. The ACLU won its case.
Crook & Flail, published by Ellora’s Cave, is the electrifying and elegantly written tale of a sexual submissive who goes to Egypt to escape the pain of her husband’s death, only to become entangled in an obsessive sexual relationship with two other men. The transcript is fascinating and includes testimony by Aaron Peckham, founder of the Urban Dictionary. Here’s a taste of what the Justices got to read:

“So.” Mark grabs her face with both hands and makes her look at him. “You only pretended to be a widow? You only pretended you’d fallen in love with me? Did Richard have a camera installed in your room? How many times have you two done this anyway? How many other men have fucked you up the ass while he watched?”
Ian enters the shrine and Lucia suddenly feels as though the earth is opening up beneath her and she is falling too fast to stop herself.
“That’s enough, Mark.” Ian comes between them.
“You don’t get it.” Mark steps around him. “If you’re nice to her she doesn’t listen.”
She closes her eyes when he grabs a fistful of her hair but it doesn’t stop her from seeing where she wants this to go and the desire shames her.
“Look at her,” Mark says gruffly. “She wants this.”
“You’re taking advantage of her weakness,” Ian argues very quietly.
“Did you hear that, princess, he thinks you’re weak because you like taking orders from men.” He rests his hands on her shoulders and easily forces her down to her knees. “I just think you’re beautiful.”
Ian gently grips one of her arms and pulls her back up to her feet. “I’m sorry, Lucia, I didn’t realize he planned to…” His voice trails off as he stares into her dark eyes like an astronaut floating off into deep space when his line suddenly breaks.
Mark’s smile is grim. “See what I mean? You’re wasting your time,” he unzips his shorts, “and you’re wasting her… Come here, sweetheart.”
She falls to her knees before him again.
“That’s it,” he weaves his fingers possessively through her hair, “suck me.”
“Jesus!” Ian whispers, but doesn’t look away.

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NewIberia said...

Is there anything the government doesn't have its hands into? I agree that anything involving children, in adult situations, is wrong. But don't try to pass legislation that hinders everyone as a means to suppress this type of conduct.