Monday, March 23, 2009

Take a Caveman to Bed Tonight

Heck, at these prices, take as many as you want! To celebrate the beginning of our sixth year of Cavemen anthologies, we are having a huge sale on all of them.

All 20 Caveman ebooks (four volumes each of Tales From the Temple, Legendary Tails, Dreams of the Oasis, Seasons of Seduction and Jewels of the Nile) are on sale for $6.99 each (regular price $9.99). Each book contains 6 Quickies from our hottest authors. That means 120 searing stories available to you at a cost of just a few pennies over $1 each!

Seven print Caveman anthologies are also on sale--inventory clearance priced at $5.99 all week or while quantities last, whichever comes first.
To get your cavemen now, go to the books on sale page of our website.

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