Friday, April 17, 2009

Freaky Friday Releases

Where else can you meet a match-making genie, a psychic intergalactic translater, and a sub seeking her Dom. New and available for immediate download at Ellora's Cave. Let the party begin! TGIF!

Meg Turner needs to relax. Between her job, her mother and the loss of a good Dom, she's all wound up and needs a good flogging to relieve her tension. Rand Arthur is a busy man with a company to run. He doesn't need commitments, but when his friend asks him to take Meg on as a new sub, he agrees, knowing there's nothing that relieves stress like flogging a willing back. But by the end of their first session, both find something in the other that neither expected. The scenes are hot, the sex hotter, as Rand takes her places and pushes her further than she ever dreamed possible. Now, neither wants to change the rules of their relationship and risk losing it all.
Reader Advisory: This story contains very graphic group sex scenes.
Line: Taboo (BDSM)
ISBN: 9781419921834

After coming face to face with the woman he believes to be his niece, Jack Madigan looks for answers about his brother who died long ago. His search leads him to a town known as Hidden Falls and a woman who sets his body on fire with a raging lust that just might lead to love. Hidden Falls, the place where people go to disappear. And where some discover more than they ever imagined.
Line: Breathless (romantic suspense)
ISBN: 9781419921520

Telepath journeywoman Rhiane loves her job as a translator at the Federation of Intergalactic Commerce. When she starts to experience frequent blackouts, she's terrified that her psychic powers are fading. She seeks the help of Master Healer Morgan, only to realize that he and his lover Jaden were the men with whom she had a magnificent, unforgettable one-night stand six months ago. Attraction flares anew and this time, Morgan and Jaden are not taking any chances that she will disappear from their lives once again, no matter the cost, no matter how hard she resists.
Line: Aeon (futuristic/sci fi) with menage, M/M elements
ISBN: 9781419921889

When Misty and Justin are fired from an NYC TV station, they plan their own show—and they can finally stop pretending to be just friends. Heat turns into fire immediately. When a genie exits a rare bottle given to them by a stranger, he likes their off-screen chemistry and decides to help them on-screen as their manager. They invent new alcoholic concoctions and test them on each other as their passion ignites. If their cockamamie idea doesn't work, maybe their relationship will—with a little help from their voyeuristic, magical friend.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419921049

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