Monday, April 27, 2009

#RT09 Pix and Highlights

I promised pix from the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention on Twitter but was so busy I didn't have time to post them last week, so here are a few highlights. We were shooting video most of the week for various exciting (and secret) projects we're cooking up, so we didn't get a lot of still photos. But just wait till you see our videos!

First, we know you want your beefcake, so here are a couple more shots of Caveman Brian taken by Syneca at one of the pools at the Wyndham Hotel where the conference took place:

The next ones were shot during rehearsals for the dance numbers the Cavemen performed at our jungle party, which was a roaring success!

Keli was the sun god in the dance inspired by the Brazilian martial art/dance form capoeira.

Below, from top to bottom: Rodney, as always, captivated the ladies with his charm, humor and smooooth moves. David Nicoll, aka D. Nasty, choreographed the dances with David Greenhouse and taught them to the Cavemen. Lorenzo gives us a peek while Jason concentrates on learning the steps and Kimo takes a break.


Rena Marks said...

Now - here's my idea. Ellora's Cavemen should stand apart from the rest, do we agree? Of course. What better way than to have them all tattooed? I personally am a fan of a biceps band. Or a collar tattoo would work. Perhaps it should be a banner that says, Property of EC (Authors).
Some would argue that it may be a little extreme. Marking our men is a bit like men marking their territory.
But really, ladies, is it so wrong?

Anonymous said...

I like it, Rena! I love biceps bands, but the idea of a collar has a certain charm. You snapped a bunch of pix too, didn't you? Where can we see them?

Rena Marks said...

Ahh, unfortunately, I was too distracted by the beauty of Brian to actually pull out my own camera, which was tucked into my bra for instant cleavage every time he walked by.

Damn the wine at these events.

But I think we have a unanimous decision between you and I - branding our EC men. Did you want to go ahead and mention the collar idea to them?? hehe. I got your back, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

It's a deal. We shot interviews with them and a lot of rehearsal and performance footage at the convention. As soon as I can get with Syneca and Will, we're going to edit it together in a little mini-documentary and a few other man candy confections. I can't wait to get it done. Gonna be lots and lots of fun.

Rena Marks said...

Perfect! How exciting - the "coming out" event could be our very own, first-ever RomantiCon!

Now my mind's still churning, so apparently I should be writing...but I think as the ones with the idea, we should get a little something special, don't you?

A contest? The one model with a collar that has our name woven intricately through it (it'll be hard for him to pick out around his own neck) wins a prize?