Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday is new release day at Ellora's Cave. Give us a visit and spend your weekend with shapeshifters, mysterious Mayan artifacts and dungeon masters on alien planets!

Against all advice, Shelley goes to Darinth, a planet known throughout the galaxy for its dominant men and ruthless treatment of women. She has come to find her friend but instead ends up in chains, in a dungeon full of serious-looking sex toys. Talcor’s dungeon.
Talcor enjoys dominating women but he’s used to compliant, submissive females, not contrary, rebellious spitfires. Shelley tests him at every turn—fighting and denying him yet reveling in the touch of the flogger and the feel of the chains. She mocks Darinthian customs but craves Talcor’s touch. He fears his response if she doesn’t surrender soon to the powerful magic that binds them.
Line: Taboo (BDSM)
ISBN: 9781419921841

All through graduate school, Jaxi Daniels was obsessed with two things—a pair of mysterious Mayan artifacts jokingly referred to as sex toys, and fellow grad student Connor Stone. Learning more about those mystical artifacts seemed as impossible as luring Connor into her sleeping bag.
Now she has another chance to get Connor inside her and she’s not going to waste it. From the moment she joins him in the Yucatan, she creams for him and he’s rock-hard and ready for her. Then the powers of the long-sought-after artifacts come into play and Jaxi and Connor discover sex that is wilder and steamier than the sultry jungle nights.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419920912

Detective Jeremy Lawson doesn’t expect anything from his one-night stand except sex. What he gets is a shooting, a mystery, plus some of the best sex he’s had in a long time. Somewhere along the way, he also finds some tenderness for a lost soul in need of rescuing.
David March has let his troubled past blind him to any kind of happy future. But when a one-night stand turns out to be a cop in shining armor, David begins to think differently about his life. As in, he wants one. But to have one, he has to stay alive.
Line: Spectrum (gay)
ISBN: 9781419921131

Kane Masters has seen a female in his visions who tortures him with a lustful yearning that grows stronger the more she appears in his thoughts. When he finally finds the female from his dreams, Kane will pursue her until she is his.
There is one problem. Jin Rose knows she can never be with Kane Masters. Jin is the daughter of the leopard who almost destroyed her species. Pain and hatred still run deep among her kind although her sire is dead. She will fight until the end to restore her honor after the atrocities her sire has done, but does she have the strength to fight the male who has captured her heart?
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419921605
Price: $6.99

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