Friday, May 22, 2009

Just in Time

New releases for Ellora's Cave to put some fireworks in your 3-day weekend!

Pandora's Box by Kate Hill
Pandora Fourteen has been trained in the arts of seduction and assassination. To test her skills, she is ordered to seduce a man who was raised with her in a lab. The two were inseparable until the government forced them apart, and they are explosively attracted to each other when they meet again. To Pandora, seducing him is no longer an assignment, but when she decides to turn her back on her career to marry him, threats from her manipulative superior separate them once again.Line: Aeon (sci fi)
ISBN: 9781419921933

Trouble With Mitch by Myla Jackson
Caught in the crossfire of a struggle to obtain the Stone of Azhi, Mitch West is inadvertently trapped in a bottle and destined to remain there until a woman frees him, only to bind him to her for every wish she might have.
Overprotected rich girl Amira Nassiri receives the ancient bottle as a gift from a museum curator and doesn't know what she has until she unleashes the magic inside. Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419921780

Essential Seduction by Nikki Soarde
David Metcalfe seduces women for a living. When friend and former colleague Detective Stevie Soltice comes to him with a special request, it's hard to say no. Especially when the operation involves rescuing her daughter from a secretive cult isolated deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Stevie believes the only way in is through the founder's daughter Thea, a beautiful but lonely woman whom they hope will be vulnerable to David's unique talents.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922336

Kyle's Bargain by Katherine Kingston
In a desperate attempt to save the small shopping center that houses her bookstore, Meg tries to force developer Kyle into talking to the people his project will displace. She even offers to sleep with him to get his time. He counters with a bargain. He'll give her two hours if she'll spend a night in his bed, enduring his punishment. Both honor their promises, but neither is prepared for the attraction that blazes between them in the process, turning duty into joy and punishment into pleasure.Line: Taboo (bdsm) with ménage elements
ISBN: 9781419921681

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