Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Reads and a New Release

A new release from Ann Jacobs is always a happy occasion, so we're wishing you a happy Monday with Eye of the Storm by Ann Jacobs!
When a hurricane strands Marcy alone on a tiny Florida island, her ex Sam won't let Nature keep him from the woman who still makes him hot. In the eye of the storm, their passion rages, renewing previous feelings of love and lust. Sam and Marcy remember the good things about their dead marriage—the extreme sexual heat and the fire that even a Category Two storm can't put out.
Publisher Note: This story was previously published as part of the Storm Warnings anthology at Ellora's Cave.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922473

Ellora's Cave Free Read:
The last thing on Bridie Clare's mind was sex when she banged off a furious e-mail to the head office. James Harper was stunned then amused after reading her angry words. Soon a heated verbal exchange becomes something more. Anger becomes lust—then desperate longing to meet and touch a lover.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)

New In Print from EC:
Jerred is a Saurellian spy, posing as a freighter captain/smuggler, and one who doesn't know the true meaning of love. Giselle is a barmaid hiding out on an Imperial space station, on the run for her life and leery of any man, especially one like Jerred. But from the moment they meet, passions get hot and desires run wild. When Giselle witnesses a murder, the mysterious freighter captain is her only hope for escape. There's just one problem. He isn't willing to take her on for free. Before she's done Giselle will know what it means to pay Jerred's price.
Readers Note: This book takes place within the Saurellian Federation series, but can be read on its own.
Line: Aeon (sci fi)
ISBN: 9781419958670

Free Read from Cerridwen Press:
Homesteading in the American West isn't easy. Emilia and Sam Hubbard have made some progress in carving a homestead for themselves out of the isolated prairie country. Then renegade Indians attack, killing Sam and forging an unlikely partnership between Emmy and a wanderer, Ben Murphy. In the midst of all the turmoil, she discovers unexpected comfort from the one man she should avoid.
Line: Historical Romance

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