Monday, June 22, 2009

New Releases

Perk up your Monday with a new release from Ellora's Cave!

Hidden Enemies by Ravyn Wilde
A head injury has changed Jenna's once-loving husband into a brutal monster. Divorce further enraged a man already on the brink of insanity. With hands tied, even the police recommend Jenna disappear for a while. Problem is…she doesn't know how.
Then she meets Cole. Among his many…attributes, Cole has published a security-risk book titled Hidden Enemies. In it, Jenna learns everything she needs to know about disappearing into society. After two nights of passion, Jenna takes one of Cole's book copies and vanishes. But escaping from Cole—or the lust he stirs in her—proves impossible.
Publisher's Note: Novella originally appeared in the Ellora's Cave anthology Men to Die For.
Line: Breathless (romantic suspense)
ISBN: 9781419920424

Divided Loyalties by Marilyn Lee
The Quest II
A recent transplant to Volter, Jemi Hunter has heard much of the mythical home of her shapeshifting carnivore lover Hunter. He regales Jemi with fond tales of his boyhood home, which lead her to believe that when she, Hunter and his son Slayer reach Tern Terra, they will live happily ever after.
However, treacherous plans are in place to prevent Hunter from returning to claim his rightful place as future ruler. First Jemi is kidnapped then Slayer disappears. The trail of Jemi's abductors and Slayer's last known destination lead in different directions. Hunter has to decide whom he will attempt to save first, his only surviving cub or the woman he loves.
Reader Advisory: Novel contains a non-consensual scene, a ménage, and sex in animal form. Also, while a stand-alone, the novel is best enjoyed if series is read in order.
Publisher's Note: Story originally appeared in the Ellora's Cave anthology Shifting Faces.
Line: Aeon (futuristic/sci fi) with shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419922343

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