Monday, June 29, 2009

New Releases

Escape the Monday blues with a book from Ellora's Cave or Cerridwen Press.

Hot Earth by Vonna Harper
You can't always go back home. Calina Rambo knows this, but circumstances force her to return to the southern Oregon orchard where her Mexican migrant family lived. Settling her mother's estate is hard enough, but facing orchard owner Sayer Woods is even harder. The sexual heat between them is more than Calina can endure.
Publisher's Note: Originally appeared in the anthology More Than Skin Deep.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922534

Djinni and the Geek by Cindy Spencer Pape
Professor David Garvaglia is nobody's idea of a hero. When he opens an antique box and finds a sexy Djinni in his bed, his desire for her is almost as powerful as his determination to set her free. Anissa has spent centuries as a prisoner of the box and has dreamed of the day some handsome master would release her. The scruffy computer geek isn't what she expected, but everything about him turns her on.
While David and Anissa explore their explosive passion, he helps her adjust to the twenty-first century. Complicating things is an evil wizard who wants Anissa for himself. Between scorching sex in his faculty office and hacking government computers, David does everything he can to keep her safe—and satisfied.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419959202

New in Print from Cerridwen Press With a Special Sale Price!
Born of the Shadows by Cyndi Friberg
Proud and rebellious, Gideon is banished from the Light. His own words define his punishment, transforming bloodlust into literal hunger. Living by his sword, he wanders the land of mortals, embittered and alone.
Naomi works in secret, illuminating manuscripts for the Knights of St. John. Gideon is drawn to her beauty and fascinated by her innocence. She stirs the shattered remnants of his nobility, intensifying the conflict already raging within him.
Gideon is unlike anyone Naomi has ever encountered before. His passionate kisses and intoxicating caresses leave her restless and wanting. Still, she senses the bleak loneliness he tries so hard to deny. Responding to his seduction with tenderness, she is determined to help him rediscover the beauty in life. The battle lines are drawn. Gideon must seek redemption or Fall. Naomi must lead her Rebel Angel back into the light before the forces of darkness have their way.
Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title and has been re-edited for Cerridwen Press.
Categories: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419959387

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