Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Raised $1,000 for Diabetes Research!

Big, big thanks to Rebeccasew for her final bid of $1,000 for our donation to Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

She will have her picture with the cover model of her choice on the cover of her favorite Ellora's Cave book (plus 10 free copies), free admission to RomantiCon 2009, Ellora's Cave's first ever convention, and food, hotel accomodations, and roundtrip airfare to the convention.


Flick said...

That is such a good prize! Well done to EC for coming up with it. And congrats to the winner. Now I'd like a competition where I get to take the cover model home for a nice meal and a chat and to meet - oh damn it - husband. That won't do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Flick. It was our CEO's idea. We have quite a few staffers whose lives have been touched diabetes. We also raised $150 on a goodie basket we sent. I'm sorry to hear your selfish ol' hubby won't let you bring cover models home. Maybe we should do a breakfast in bed with a model prize sometime like they do at RT. I think EC author Kathy Kulig won that one this year, and I didn't see her husband in any of the pix.

Juhani said...
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