Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grab a Quickie

Tuesday is Quickie release day at Ellora's Cave. This week Sahara Kelly's got a shiny new Regency!

Rogue's Diamond by Sahara Kelly
She's a courtesan and he's a rogue. Their joining sets their souls ablaze. But that one night together is enough to end La Diamante's sensual career and start her on a new life. One night with Rogue and she knows there can be no other lover in her life. Ever.Rogue is also haunted by their passion—even though he's been "banished" because of it. She was worth it, though. Worth his boring assignment, worth the sleepless nights filled with memories of her scent, her skin. When he ends up in a small village, he's not surprised to see a woman who reminds him of her. But she is a simple villager now, not the diamond he stole on one brilliant night.
Rogue Chambers is about to learn the true worth of his diamond.
Line: Legend (historical) Regency setting
ISBN: 9781419918698

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