Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Jon Walker and Night Thomas lived their childhood in a cult. They embraced the lifestyle, and it was there that they were trained as BDSM Masters. Only when the cult was infiltrated by undercover agent Reilly did the boys learn of the cult's evil underside, and help to destroy it. Nearly 15 years later, Jon's job as a high school teacher—and his lust for the school's gorgeous secretary, Carly—bring him close to the normal life he's always craved. Just when that life is within his grasp, Reilly returns. An incarnation of the cult has resurfaced with Jon's evil mother at the helm, and Reilly wants Jon and Night to go undercover to stop her once and for all. Shocked by his mother's return and his BDSM past come back to haunt him, Jon is terrified Carly will discover his dark secrets. Including the darkest of all—his complex relationship with his best friend Night, and his unrelenting urge to share Carly with him.
Line: Breathless (romatantic suspense) with Lt. BDSM and Menage elements
ISBN: 9781419959578
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (discounted from $12.99)

Astra's world is flipped upside down when she's called to a demon nightclub to rescue her magic-phobic sister, Darma. Turns out the event is only a precursor of the weirdness to come. A veil of twisted magic is descending over the earth and it's making everybody crazy. Humans are killing humans, magic users are killing other magic users, dark worlders are attacking humans at an alarming rate and madness is rolling over everyone in waves. When the guardian angels start succumbing to a rare disease called Devil's Plague, Astra decides a visit to the prophet is in order. But before she can get her arms around it all, she finds herself facing the biggest challenge she's ever had to face—being surrogate parent to a baby dragon. It's a whole lot of stuff for one little Tweener to manage. But Astra Q Phelps is definitely up to the challenge.
Categories: Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781419959356
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $13.00 (discounted from $16.99)

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