Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Releases From Cerridwen Press

A Regency and a sci-fi for your reading pleasure.
Fifth in the Heiress series
Abigail Lydden, widow of Francis, Lord Lydden, left America for England in the middle of the war of 1812 because her husband's father had died and her son was now heir to an earldom. Sir Arthur St. Eyre was also taken by surprise by Lord Lydden's death, finding himself executor of the earl's estate. Sir Arthur and Lady Lydden are thrown together and find it an attractive association, which becomes more and more intense when Victor's and Abigail's lives are threatened. But those threats are not the only problems. Sir Arthur is a Member of Parliament and eager for a British victory in America. Although British by birth, Abigail sympathizes mainly with "poor little America", as a victim of Britain's armed power. The heat of contention only adds to the heat of attraction, but can Sir Arthur allow Abigail the independence she needs—and can he forgive her when he discovers she has committed treason? Accusation and enlightenment explode family ties, leaving Arthur and Abigail to reorder their lives… if they can.
Publisher's Note: This book was originally published elsewhere in 1984.
Category: Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781419921315
Dr. Tess Lockhart doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials—until she becomes the latest attraction in an alien zoo. To ensure her safety, she undertakes the role of official zoo doctor as she and Arnie, a friend and fellow detainee, make plans for an escape. Their plans take a complicated turn when Arnie brings her an injured creature. Tess warily nurses the virile, winged humanoid back to health, knowing too well that aliens aren’t to be trusted.
Too bad she can’t convince her heart. As the months pass, Tess finds herself drawn to her charge. In his world, though, Tess is the alien, and their fragile love may not be able to survive their differences.
Categories: Futuristic/SciFi Romance
Series: None
Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook
ISBN: 9781419920127

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