Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Releases

Take the ho hum out of Wednesday with a new release from Ellora's Cave! This week: cowboys, vampires and ancient Egyptian shapeshifters.

Run the Gantlet by Amarinda Jones
One thousand years ago Caitriona of Gaunt cursed a future kinswoman. Eloise is the last Gaunt woman standing. Her fate? To fall in love with a vampire and run a gantlet to prove her love. Eloise is determined never to cross the path of a vampire—until she meets the hard-bodied and delicious Arrow and falls for him. One minute she hates him and the next she's in his arms. And that's not her biggest problem. They have to pass seven challenges to stay alive—if they can keep their hands off each other long enough.
Running the gantlet is just a side issue for Arrow. His biggest test is making Eloise fall in love with him. He craves the taste of her innocent body and sweet blood. Seducing her with sin and sex is the answer and he's not about to let any challenge stand in his way.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419921162

Restrain Me by Alyssa Brooks & Larissa Lyons
Submissive urges. Hidden desires. With the help of one rugged West Texas cowboy, Sommer's about to discover hers.
Fed up with his meddlesome family, mounting responsibilities and meager sex life, Bo McKenzie roars into Rustlers Junction with a single goal in mind—to find the hottest filly in town and ride her senseless. A sound spanking might be in order as well.
Outrageously betting she'll bed the next man to walk through the door, normally reserved Sommer vows to cap off her stay at a local dude ranch with a ride on a real cowboy. But it'll be Bo riding her, rough, randy and all through the night.
Line: Lawless (western) with light bdsm elements
ISBN: 9781419919947

Lynx to the Pharaoh by Shelley Munro
Sethmet Khalil comes from a line of shapeshifters who protect the pharaoh from tomb robbers. It's a sacred duty handed down from father to son—a duty he's determined to carry out successfully so his family retains the shapeshifter powers they cherish. Failure means death.
Desperate to escape the strictures of mourning, Charlotte Webster travels to Egypt with her stepbrother. The freedom of Patria Oasis is heady after the stuffy rules of the London season. It's full of temptation. Sethmet, their guide, is handsome and sparks forbidden desire in Charlotte. Risking censure, she embarks on a passionate affair, secret rendezvous full of lingering caressesand explosive pleasure.
Publisher'sNote: Previously published elsewhere, novel has been revised for Ellora'sCave.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with 19th century setting
ISBN: 9781419922206

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