Friday, July 10, 2009

New Releases

Got plans for the weekend? Why not bring home a werewolf or visit a kinky adult spa? You could do both for less than $10 at Ellora's Cave!
She came to dusty west Texas to bury the dead. But one look from Joe's smoldering eyes and Quinn Harlow's heart begged her to stay and find her destiny with him on these desolate plains. Joe McKinnon, alpha of the Wolf Creek pack, takes one look at his destined mate and knows he'll have his hands full dealing with the sassy female. One touch has him willing to move mountains to claim her. He knows it won't be easy to tame the woman who holds his future in her hands.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with shapeshifter and m/f/m menage elements
ISBN: 9781419921940
Gwen and Jeff Bel Geddes are an attractive couple in their early 40s who have loved each other since college—too bad they're getting a divorce. Jeff's unexpressed desires have led him to Noblesword Vineyards, an exclusive sexual boutique that caters to sophisticated tastes. Gwen is desperately curious to know what has attracted Jeff to Noblesword. She goes to the vineyard undercover, willingly signs a contract stating she is the sexual property of Noblesword, and turns herself over body and soul to be transformed into an erotic plaything for dominant men. Noblesword is a lush "free play zone" where adults can express their deepest fantasies and test their personal boundaries. Erotic games of every description play out behind its walls. Gwen must determine for herself if the risqué Noblesword is as dangerous as it looks or simply an erotic circus of the mind.
Line: Exotika (erotica) with light bdsm, f/f and m/m/f menage elements
ISBN: 9781419921414
Andrea would have a pet if animals weren't terrified of vampires. When she finds what she thinks is a large dog with a nail through his paw, she's delighted that he wants to come home with her. Her delight turns to passion when the "dog" turns out to be a shifter who insists on introducing her to parafolk-style sex and the games shifters play with their mates. Ronald wants more than a night with the lovely Andrea, assuming she can get over her hang-ups about his fur and her fangs…and assuming the source of the nail in his paw doesn't get in the way!
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book is being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.
Line: Twilight (paranormal with shapeshifter and vampire elements
ISBN: 9781419923166
Naughty Games, Book Three
Paige Reyes is going to kill Shane Oxley if it's the last thing she does. Not only did the cold-hearted blackmailer force her to attend his thirtieth birthday party, he used her love for her brother to do it, giving her just one more reason to dislike him. Not that she needed it. No matter how justified Paige's reasons are for avoiding him, Shane refuses to be without her for another second. Thanks to a risky game of Double Dare three years ago, Shane made the biggest mistake of his life and lost Paige in the process. Now all he wants is an opportunity to make it right again. The birthday surprise is on Paige though. If Shane only has one chance with her, then he's going to do everything he can to change her heart. The gloves are off and everything is fair game.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419923616

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